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Receive calls on another extension (hotdesk)

Do you sometimes spend time at another desk or move around between offices? Wish there was a way for your calls to follow you along with all your settings? Then our new feature could be just the ticket.

Now, instead of setting up call forwarding or making others aware that you have moved, you can simply let the system know your new temporary location and immediately your calls will start ringing on this new extension.

To use the feature, you must already have your own extension on the system. Then, from another extension simply dial *78xxx, where xxx is your own 3-digit extension number. You will be prompted for your PIN, which can be set in the web portal, and immediately your calls will start ringing on this new extension. Any other features such as voicemail, call recording or forwarding will continue to operate as normal.

When you return to your own extension, dial *79xxx from any extension (or simply *79 from your own) and your incoming calls will return with you. There’s really nothing more to it!

So, to recap:

To activate – dial *78xxx from your new temporary location
To deactivate – dial *79xxx from any extension or *79 from your own


Is this new feature useful to you? As ever, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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