Man working from home

Does your business phone system allow employees to work from home?

The new flexible working laws, which came into force on the 30th June 2014, allow workers (who’ve completed 6 months’ service) to request more freedom in their working arrangements.

There are many ways that employees can be flexible, including: job sharing, working from home, part time or compressed hours, flexitime, annualised hours and staggered hours. All of these arrangements allow employees to find the best solution for them to achieve a work/life balance.
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Handling your business calls professionally

This post follows on from our earlier blog, ‘How to make a great first impression’, where we talked about using the features on your Internet phone service to make a great impression. Below we’ve compiled some simple tips on how you and your employees can handle business phone calls more professionally.

1. Create a friendly greeting everyone can use

It’s best to answer the phone in a friendly manner. We like to use the line “Thank you for calling Sipcentric, Kevin speaking, how can I help?”

Pick up the call with the face you wish to project to the caller, as they will hear that emotion in your voice. Keep the tone friendly and personable to make it as pleasant as possible for anyone calling.

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VoIP - Quality, Efficiency, Flexibility and Cost

There’s more to business VoIP than just saving money

When most people are considering making the switch to business VoIP, it is predominantly because they see it as a cost saving exercise. However, VoIP is quickly becoming more of a strategic implementation for many businesses, regardless of their size or industry.

The freedom and flexibility offered by the features of business VoIP make it an excellent compliment for companies adopting a cloud-based strategy. Gone are the days of having to receive calls in specific locations, the power of business VoIP allows users to receive calls wherever they are, just as if they were still in the office.

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welcome mat - making a great first impression

How can your business make a great first impression?

As a new business, it can sometimes be a little daunting when competing with larger, more established companies. Do your customers know that you are operating out of the spare room at home? Have they realised that your business number is actually just your house number? For a new or small business owner, these are all common concerns, although fortunately there is an extremely easy way to address them.

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How to handle customers effectively and efficiently

By handling customers effectively and efficiently you’re delivering excellent customer service, which will have massive benefits for your company, such as powerful word of mouth marketing. This cannot be underestimated. Traditional advertising can be effective, but nothing is as likely to lead to a sale than a recommendation from a trusted friend.

To achieve this consider the following points:

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voip leveling the business playing field

How VoIP is levelling the playing field for businesses

The dawn of the Internet era brought with it the ability for smaller businesses to compete with larger corporations online. This levelling of the playing field meant companies without multi-million pound marketing budgets could build a website comparable to their larger competitors, and with a little creativity, often better.

An Internet based business VoIP revolutionises communication in exactly the same way, providing access to all the features and resources usually only enjoyed by large corporations with tens of thousands of pounds to spend on their systems. A virtual phone system can give companies of any size the ability to reflect their professionalism, regardless of size or budget.

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How to stand out from your competitors

In a highly competitive marketplace it can be difficult for a business to attract new customers and promote brand loyalty. Businesses that fail to keep up or surpass the competition end up struggling. Here we have compiled the joint knowledge of years of hands on experience, combined with information from trusted sources, to help you devise a plan to stand out from the crowd.

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Hosted VoIP vs traditional phone system

There are numerous advantages when you opt for a VoIP phone system over a more traditional set up. In this article we will look at each of these, and how they can help your business to maximise its potential.


Installation: By its nature a hosted VoIP system is considerably cheaper to install than traditional systems. The high costs associated with hardware installation and line rentals are not necessary. In fact, in its most basic form, the installation costs nothing. Many users opt to purchase a few peripherals, but even then the cost is negligible when compared to the alternative. There is also the advantage of no physical installation being necessary. This means instead of waiting for an engineer to visit your premises, it can be set up instantly in the cloud.

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