Focus group

Focus on our focus group

A focus group is a great way to gain feedback and feelings about a certain product or service. It allows businesses to fix any issues their new offering might have before it’s released to the world.

Earlier this month we held a focus group for a brand new product that we’ve spent the past year developing. We wanted to obtain some useful information that could be used to better our service and make sure there was nothing missing that might be of value to future customers.

We’re super excited for this service to go live and for our customers (new and old) to try it out!

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Nimvelo at The Business Show

Our time at The Business Show

Last week we headed down to London to exhibit at The Business Show. This was a first-time experience for us and we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t know whether we had enough leaflets (we actually had more than enough) or whether people would stop by long enough to have a quick chat with us (don’t worry, they did). Regardless of what we expected, we came out with a lot of knowledge that can help us in the future.

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