New feature: Zombie Invasion Button

During a recent developer meeting, we discovered that one of the things our portal was lacking was a dedicated emergency button, for use in the event of a zombie invasion.

As an innovative and forward thinking company, we thought it imperative that we installed such a feature without delay.

We know just how important a solid disaster recovery strategy is for business continuity – but how many phone system providers can offer peace of mind knowing your business calls are safe, even during a zombie attack? If yours does not, your business could be at risk!

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Our business VoIP blog just got more fun

After our latest meeting (and a decisive game of tiddlywinks) we thought it was about time we made some changes to our blog. The content that we have produced comes across as boring to 95% of human beings, meaning only a small percentage of techie readers such as ourselves actually read it!

We have decided to be more expressive with our personalities and make the blog more fun to read. From the beginning we wanted to be less corporate and engage more with our customers. By engaging more with our customers we can find out what we are doing right and wrong and make the service better for you.

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