Improving communication at work with cloud phone system

How a cloud phone system can improve communication at work

Modern workplaces are evolving at a rapid rate, driven by technology and mobility. Hardly a day goes by without new cloud services springing up, all offering new ways of working. As business evolves to take advantage, employees can work further and further from base without necessarily missing out on key activities.

If you have employees working in different parts of the country, or the world, you’re going to need affordable and efficient ways to keep them all in sync. Thankfully, there are several key benefits of the cloud that all work in your favour.

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what is the future of voip

What is the future of VoIP?

Small businesses have been behind the VoIP revolution for the last five years, driving change in the industry and helping providers to hone their services. At Nimvelo, we’ve learned a great deal by listening to our customers to find out what their pain points are. That helps us to continue to provide value-for-money services whilst continuing to innovate and grow.

Now that VoIP is proven and established, its functionality will certainly broaden. What can we expect in the future?

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4G internet phone service

How well does VoIP work over 4G?

Update: we recently carried out the below tests again to see how 4G performance has changed over the past four years. For that more up-to-date blog post please click here.

4G (LTE) has been available for a couple of months now in cities around the UK. If you are in Birmingham, London, Bristol, Leeds or Manchester you are likely to be in a 4G serviced area, and surprisingly these cities have very good coverage when you’re in one. EE claim that it will have 98% coverage by the end of 2014.

At the time of writing, the only provider of 4G in the UK is EE – Everything Everywhere. Unlike other mobile providers, EE actually allow the use of VoIP on their data network.

We have had lots of requests for information about using VoIP over 4G. So as our head office is located in Birmingham, we thought we would do some testing.

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