Keero brings teams together

A collaboration space that makes it easier for teams to communicate more effectively.

Teams do their best work with Keero

More than just another business messaging app or task management tool, Keero is a single space that offers all the essentials you need to work together and achieve your goals.

Actionable tasks

Create tasks directly from conversations, making it easier to understand the context behind the task and reducing the risk of things slipping through the cracks.

Focused conversations

Teams can start conversations around topics specific to their business, which allows everyone to stay on track and keep the discussion productive.

Personal inbox

By joining the conversations that matter to you, you can stay focused! Your personal inbox cleverly collates everything you’re involved with in one place.

Clearer communication

Keero has been designed around the pains that modern businesses face. Rather than being just another chat product, Keero supports focused conversations and structured discussion, allowing team members to action ideas and outcomes through a clear task management feature.

Minimise those pesky distractions

By facilitating more meaningful, focused conversations, Keero helps you and your team do more of what is important, and less of what is not. Keero is designed to support the way teams and individuals actually work, removing unnecessary distractions and increasing accountability.

Enjoy a happier team

Keero's main goal is to allow teams to communicate better internally (no matter where you are in the world). Conversations will flow and tasks won't be forgotten about - meaning teams will be more productive and get more done, which allows for happier teams.

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