Supporting focused conversations

Allow your teams to action ideas and outcomes with minimal fuss

Not just another business messaging tool

Designed around the pains modern businesses face.

Create conversations

Create, join, and share

Teams can start conversations around topics specific to their business, whether it’s about hiring a new member or your latest marketing campaign. Conversations allow you to stay on track and keep the discussion productive.

Action tasks

Keeping on top of your work

We know how easy it can be for tasks to get lost in conversation, so before you know it, deadlines have passed and no-one knows what’s going on. Keero lets you initiate tasks within conversations and assign these to teammates so it’s easy to see who’s accountable.

Set-up workflows

Don't lose track

You’re able to configure rules which will perform actions based upon certain conditions; such as nudging participants if there’s been no activity in a conversation for a period of time, or notifying people if specific keywords are matched.

Get more done

Being more productive

By having more focused conversations you’re allowing yourself and your team to be more productive. Each member will have their own personal inbox which will collate all messages that are important to you, this will help minimise all the distractions stopping you from getting more done.

Essentials you need to collaborate

Focused conversations

Teams can start conversations around topics specific to their business, which allows everyone to stay on track and keep the discussion productive.

Actionable tasks

Create tasks directly from conversations, making it easier to understand the context behind the task and reducing the risk of things slipping through the cracks.

Personal inbox

By joining the conversations that matter to you, you can stay focused! Your personal inbox cleverly collates everything you’re involved with in one place.

Tag conversations

We’ve introduced tagging, so you’ll know exactly what the discussion is about, and the powerful search will make it easy to find the conversation long after you archive it.

A place for chat

Need to know if you’re running low on milk? Fancy heading for a drink after work? Use the Water Cooler for all the general chit chat that takes place throughout the day.

Automated workflows

Set up workflows based on conditions and automatically tag conversations based on keywords, or nudge people if a conversation’s gone quiet.

Currently in beta

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