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Why have a business phone number

Are you still using your mobile to make and receive business phone calls? Even if you’re a sole trader, there are many downsides to only having a mobile number; from not looking professional to being unable to separate your personal and work life, it may be worth considering investing in a dedicated business phone number

We know what you’re thinking – surely a phone number is costly and requires a landline? Not ideal if you don’t want to be tied to a desk all day! However, the near-universal availability of the internet (either over wifi, 3G, or 4G) in the UK has enabled internet phone service providers like Nimvelo to offer cost-effective domestic phone numbers that can be routed to wherever you like, whenever you like. So if you’re in the office in the morning but out and about all afternoon, your phone number can stay with you all day!

Finding yourself a business number may not be high on your list of priorities but it’s something that needs to be considered to help your business establish itself. Here are some reasons why it’s something you should think about sooner rather than later…

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Keeping your business phone number

Having a new business phone system can be exciting, but we’re sure you can deal without the headache of having to change your phone number. As a business owner, you’ll no doubt understand the risks involved with switching from the number you’ve been using for a while; not only would you need to change any business cards, you would need to ensure all customers know you’ve recently changed numbers too. If new or existing customers struggle to get hold of you during this time, you could potentially lose out on business.

You can avoid all this stress by porting your current business phone number over to your new provider.

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Making your business look more professional

Look professional – how to be a small fish in a big pond

Starting your business from scratch is no easy task. From the very start, you’ll have to sacrifice sleep, miss out on social events, and constantly deal with a flurry of new ideas that pop into your head. Even with all the determination and strong coffee in the world, you’ll still have to juggle priorities every day to make progress, working as your own IT manager one minute, and then learning to be an accountant the next. Of course, the hectic schedule doesn’t stop once your business is up and running. No matter what size your business is, you need to make sure you do everything you can to stand out in an increasingly big (and very competitive) pond.

By making your business look, feel and sound more professional, you’re more likely to boost sales and develop a positive reputation to be proud of. While there is no overnight fix, here are some quick and effective things you can do to make your business as professional as it should be.

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