Teams who want to do their best work, choose Keero

Keero is not just another business messaging app or task management tool; it’s a team collaboration space that has all the essentials you need in one place to collaborate and deliver outcomes.

Through our own experiences and frustrations, we have developed an understanding of how teams and small businesses really want to work in order to maximise productivity. We came to the conclusion that no one tool meets those needs – so we created Keero.

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Woman working remotely

Is remote working right for you?

Picture the scenario: you’re running your business from your office just like you’ve always done, but your team are showing signs of discontent. You’ve just lost one of your most productive team members to a competitor, with their exit interview revealing that they weren’t happy about having to come into the office every single day. You can feel the beginnings of a shifting dynamic; whether you’re at work or down the pub with a hard-earned drink, people are talking about remote working.

Perhaps you’re feeling under pressure to allow your own employees to work from home (or a trendy co-working space in Bali), but you’re cautious about the impact on your business. Don’t worry – you’re not alone! We speak to entrepreneurs all day long and found that many share the same fears, so we’ve put together a few posts and resources for business owners who are considering letting their team work remotely.

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Making your business look more professional

Look professional – how to be a small fish in a big pond

Starting your business from scratch is no easy task. From the very start, you’ll have to sacrifice sleep, miss out on social events, and constantly deal with a flurry of new ideas that pop into your head. Even with all the determination and strong coffee in the world, you’ll still have to juggle priorities every day to make progress, working as your own IT manager one minute, and then learning to be an accountant the next. Of course, the hectic schedule doesn’t stop once your business is up and running. No matter what size your business is, you need to make sure you do everything you can to stand out in an increasingly big (and very competitive) pond.

By making your business look, feel and sound more professional, you’re more likely to boost sales and develop a positive reputation to be proud of. While there is no overnight fix, here are some quick and effective things you can do to make your business as professional as it should be.

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Keeping Customers Loyal

Building customer loyalty in four easy steps

Have you ever wondered what more you can do to ensure your customers stay loyal? Research shows that 79% of customers are more likely to move their business to a competitor within a week if they experience bad customer service. Retaining customers is a big fear amongst businesses and customer service is a major part of this. It might be easy enough to get customers to sign up to your service but keeping them loyal is a whole other ball game.

Over the past few years there has been a shift in the way businesses communicate with customers; a simple one-off email or phone call used to be enough. However, due to the rise in social media and transparent communication, today’s customers need more.

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future of remote teams

Why remote teams (can) work so well

In the UK, many businesses still have a trust issue. They want people working where they can see them. What’s the reasoning behind this? Do we think people are more productive when they’re together, or are we cynical about letting them work independently?

All too often, managers feel that their staff need to be supervised. Either that, or they think having everyone close facilitates productivity in the team. In fact, statistics prove that the opposite is true, and a body in the office is no guarantee of a job well done.

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communication key to team productivity

Why communication is key to team productivity

Businesses depend on every member of staff to remain productive at work, particularly in times of increasing financial pressure. Absenteeism from work costs British businesses £258 per day, per employee, and poor performance during working hours only compounds the problem.

In the average office, there are dozens of personalities mingling every day, and different departments with different priorities. This combination of stresses and strains can make it hard to connect with others, and if you add remote working to the mix, productivity is one of the first things to suffer.

In order to keep teams focused on their objectives, the lines of communication need to be open. Everyone needs to be able, and willing, to make their voice heard. As an employer, it’s your duty to ensure staff have the necessary tools to do so.

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learning as a team

The benefits of learning as a team

Teamwork is becoming more of a priority for businesses. Methodologies like Agile and Lean are helping people to work more efficiently in groups. And cloud tools support collaborative working, even when teams are spread out. Companies are investing time and money into making team projects more streamlined, resulting in a better bottom line for the company.

In the same way, team learning can offer significant benefits compared to learning individually. Many philosophies, such as Lean Six Sigma, are based around team problem solving, and some of the world’s biggest corporations have adopted them.

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how remote teams will work

Ideas that will change the way your remote team will work

Starting a remote working initiative is like learning to do business from scratch. Your employees haven’t changed, but the way they interact will be transformed. Just as a new team member can change the dynamic between everyone, new ways of working can be a huge boost to productivity.

While most staff embrace the chance to work flexibly, others will find it harder to adapt. If you need to ease the transition, here are some key areas to work on.

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