what is a hosted pbx

What is hosted PBX?

Businesses have been using telephone exchanges for decades. The concept is very similar to a public telephone exchange: the caller dials a number, and the call is routed using an internal system that’s private to the business itself. Colloquially, business exchanges are known as Private Branch eXchange (which is where ‘PBX’ comes from).

PBX systems initially ran on analogue lines and were manually operated by a human. They later ran on ISDN lines rented from BT and automation became more common. This kind of system has been used since the 1980s right through to the present day.

In the last decade, the hosted PBX has taken over from the PBX in many business settings. But why?

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Businesses converting to VoIP

Will more businesses convert to using VoIP?

Many businesses still use old-fashioned telephone systems in their offices, and it’s not unusual to see a traditional PBX in use at established companies. For some businesses, their ageing telephone system represented a huge investment of time and money. Understandably, they’re quite reluctant to update it.

With all technology, times change, and solutions become more sophisticated. A huge number of businesses are already using VoIP, have we reached saturation?

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