Meet the Team: Charles

The latest post in our Meet the Team series features Nimvelo Founder and MD Charles, who started the company in 2010 and maintains a very hands-on role when it comes to running the business and developing our range of products and services.

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David - Nimvelo

Meet the Team: David

Our latest Meet the Team post features David, who works as a system engineer here at Nimvelo. David constantly checks over the servers and existing networks to ensure nothing goes wrong for our customers.

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Sabrina - Nimvelo

Meet the Team: Sabrina

Our next Meet the Team post features Sabrina, who works on Nimvelo’s online and offline marketing efforts. Whether writing the latest blog post or tweeting away on Twitter, Sabrina loves creating engaging content and connecting with our customers.

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Adam - Nimvelo

Meet the Team: Adam

Our next Meet the Team post features Adam, who is another one of our awesome developers here at Nimvelo. Adam works daily to make sure that everything is working perfectly behind the scenes for our customers.

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Josh - Nimvelo

Meet the Team: Josh

Our second Meet the Team post features Josh, who’s in charge of much of the front-end development of Nimvelo Phone and our other tools. He’s entirely self-taught, and has a real passion for coding awesome stuff!

Without further ado, let’s meet Josh…

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Dan - Nimvelo

Meet the Team: Dan

A company is only ever as good as the individuals who work there – this is why we hire people who we know will do a great job of contributing to the Nimvelo mission of helping businesses to communicate. We want to introduce you to the awesome individuals behind Nimvelo, so we’ll be running a series of posts to get you acquainted with our incredible team.

First up is Dan Katri, who works on our network and support team.

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recruiting around company culture

Building a team around your company culture

If you want to get great ROI and maximise marketing success, you need to build long term relationships. While you can acquire new customers and sell to them once, the best brands are connecting with customers on a higher level and creating loyalty that lasts several years.

Your brand is the vision your customers associate with you, and creating consistency and value is a big part of building loyalty. It’s also critical that your team are engaged with your brand vision, which means creating a positive office culture.

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learning as a team

The benefits of learning as a team

Teamwork is becoming more of a priority for businesses. Methodologies like Agile and Lean are helping people to work more efficiently in groups. And cloud tools support collaborative working, even when teams are spread out. Companies are investing time and money into making team projects more streamlined, resulting in a better bottom line for the company.

In the same way, team learning can offer significant benefits compared to learning individually. Many philosophies, such as Lean Six Sigma, are based around team problem solving, and some of the world’s biggest corporations have adopted them.

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