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We think doing nice things to help others is the best way to live.

We support UK-based, registered charities by offering Nimvelo Phone completely free of rental.

To qualify, you’ll just need to be a registered charity, based in the UK. You’ll need to pay for any calls you make and any optional hardware but all monthly features and line rental will be free.

Please note, public numbers are limited to five free per account. Additional numbers are charged at just £1 each per month. All other features are unlimited.

Go free with ease

Whether you’re a established charity, or just getting started, Nimvelo can unlock the power of your team.

Save money

We want to help charities save money by offering our services completely free of rental.

Free phone numbers

You’ll be able to add phone numbers to your account free of charge. Making it easier for people to get in touch.

Free features

You’ll get free features from IVR menus to ring groups, making it easier for your team to answer calls.

Analyse calls

With our amazing analytics, you’ll be able to keep on data that may be important (find out when your busiest hours are).

Access to Communicator

If you don’t have access to a mobile or handset, don’t worry you’ll be able to use the Nimvelo Communicator to make calls.

Get calls to mobile

Not in the office? You can get calls sent straight to your mobile so you won’t have to worry about missing any important calls.


  • Are calls included in the free rental?

    No, calls are not included in the free rental, you'll have to pay for any calls you make. You can find all of our call charges here.

  • How easy is it to move from our current provider to you?

    We will work with you to ensure your migration is as seamless as possible, even helping to optimise your new system so it’s more efficient than your existing setup. We’ve ported hundreds of numbers so we’re well-versed in handling transitions.

  • It relies on an internet connection - what if this isn’t available?

    If your internet connection is unavailable for any reason, we can forward calls automatically to your regular landline or mobile number. Each extension user can configure their own failover number, so your team can continue to answer calls in the same way as normal.

    * Please note that forwarding out of the system creates a new outgoing call and may incur additional charges, depending on your plan.

Charities who use Nimvelo

"We're so glad to have found you - it's really going to make our lives so much easier as a brand new charity!"

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"Our new SIP-based system from Nimvelo allows us to work more flexibly make better use of time."

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Supporting UK-based, registered charities

Helping those that help others

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