Nimvelo Phone allows any business to look the bee’s knees without the expense or long-term commitment of traditional landline systems. It’s a totally flexible, Internet-based phone service that puts you in control and allows you to add or remove features at any time with no penalty.

Incoming Number
£2* / month

Want a Manchester phone number? Or London? Or Birmingham? Not a problem, you can choose numbers from just about anywhere and it doesn’t matter where you actually are. If you want an 03 or 08 number instead, we can do that too.

Virtual Extension

Connect your existing mobile or landline numbers and answer calls on them just like you would any other extension, but without all of the fancy features. Call charges may apply.

Regular Extension
£3 / month

Get each member of your team connected with a fully-featured Nimvelo Phone extension. Connect a handset, softphone or mobile app and make or receive calls anywhere over the internet. Includes voicemail, call recording and other related features.

Ring Group
£2 / month

Making the tea and can’t get to your ringing phone in time? No worries, set up ring groups so that calls ring on multiple phones or cascade from one to the next.

Call Queue
£3 / month

Everyone loves happy customers so set up a lovely, welcoming message and some music for them to listen to. Also set maximum wait times and get callers transferred to another team member.

Auto-Attendant (IVR)
£3 / month

“Press 1 for the best team in the office”. Say hello to the accounts team, technical help, marketing manager or whichever department or person you want to connect to by setting up call options.

It's your phone system, how you want it, for as long as you choose.

Free features

Voicemail to email

Can’t get to the phone? That’s ok, get your voicemail emailed to you instead.

Caller display

Who’s calling me? See who it is before you answer.

Call recording

Don't have a pen and paper to hand? Don’t worry about missing important details ever again. Calls can be recorded on demand or all the time.

Music on hold

90s dance? 80s pop? 70s disco? Choose music to play when your customers are waiting for you to answer or when they’re on hold.

Custom voice prompts

Say hello in your own way with a pre-recorded welcome message.

Live call reports

How long was that call? Find out using up-to-the-minute call reports and search by number, cost, duration or date.

More free features

Time-based routing

Out to lunch or busy driving? Set up custom time intervals to link with other features such as call forwarding.

Call forwarding

Always on the move? Get your calls forwarded to a mobile, landline or another extension on your Nimvelo Phone system.


Always forget to turn call forwarding on? Use Follow-Me to get a call to ring through to multiple places at the same time.

Call blocking

We want you to have more time to spend on your business and not fielding unwanted sales calls. Call blocking lets you block, or divert to voicemail, any call using caller ID.

Call barring

If you don’t want your team to call certain numbers, then you can easily restrict calls from all or chosen extensions.

Company phone book

Share your contacts easily within your team and assign speed dials to the people you talk to most often. When someone in your phone book calls, their name will appear automatically on your handset or screen.

* Applies to UK numbers only. International number pricing may vary.

All prices exclude VAT.