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Whether it's London, Birmingham or Manchester, you're able to pick any local UK phone number, no matter where you are in the world and start using it instantly.

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Nimvelo can provide you with a phone number that works for you, whether the number is for Newcastle, Bristol, Leeds or Coventry. You can search for a range of different local numbers and add them to your account in seconds.

You can choose to have numbers in various cities and have them all forwarded to your main phone number, not only does this make it easier for you to manage but also means you can be virtually anywhere in the world and still have a presence in different UK cities.

Benefits of having a local phone number

Local presence

By picking a local number you’ll be able to give the impression that you’re an established business in any UK city.

Routing calls

All calls made to your new local phone number can be forwarded automatically to your pre-existing business number or mobile.

Attracting customers

Many customers rather shop locally, therefore having a local number could mean attracting more potential customers.

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You can get started with a local phone number for just £2 a month!

We've made our pricing structure easy for customers to understand. You're able to pick and choose the features you need, when you need them.

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Some of our happy customers

  • Ian Cuthbertson

    3 remote offices, now using @Nimvelo for incoming/outgoing/inter-office calls. It just works with no fuss. Very happy customers :)

    Ian Cuthbertson

  • Clickwise Ltd

    We have been using Nimvelo for well over a year now; they are extremely helpful whenever we have a problem. Literally no downtime whatsoever. I knew nothing about VoIP when I first started and the guys at Nimvelo helped me from start to finish.

    Clickwise Ltd

  • Mike Stephens

    If you’re looking for VoIP services check out @Nimvelo. Great control panel, top notch features and very reasonable too!

    Mike Stephens

  • Ed Leake

    Nimvelo has proven to be a reliable, scalable and cost-effective service that hasn't missed a beat. What's not to like?

    Ed Leake

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