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Is an Internet Phone System Right for You?

An internet phone service, or VoIP, allows you to make and receive calls via the internet as opposed to the traditional land line or mobile networks. Making the decision to switch to an internet phone service and then knowing which VoIP provider to choose can often be difficult, particularly with all the options and jargon around these days.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Start doing your homework with regard to call rates. One of the main reasons businesses switch to a internet phone service is to save money. Check the call charges and small print as many services will charge a connection fee per call which, in some cases, could double your call costs.
  • Research the pros and cons of an internet phone service. See how other people are experiencing their services. There are many choices out there and you should look for a service which is flexible, easy to use and doesn’t tie you down. Make use of any free trial to ensure the system does what you want it to with as little effort as possible.
  • Be aware of any system and bandwidth requirements for an internet phone service. If you are a Mac user rather than a PC user and you wish to use your computer to make/receive calls, check that any required software is available for your platform. In addition, make certain that the application software will actually download to your computer.
  • Getting helpful information and service when you need it is critical. Make certain that any internet phone service you are thinking of going with has quality customer service in the country you are located in. Do they have an actual person to answer their phones or just a page of FAQ’s on their website?

Navigating the world of the internet phone service can be daunting indeed, but making the decision to switch could do wonders for your small business. So make sure you do your homework before choosing a system. See what others are saying about it and most importantly, try before you buy!


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