Nimvelo Analytics

Improvements made to Nimvelo Phone Analytics

The Nimvelo team is constantly working on ways to improve our system. We always listen out for suggestions from our customers that can make our service even better (and you’re more than welcome to give us a shout if you have any ideas of your own). Recently, our crack team of developers have been working hard to make some changes to Nimvelo Phone Analytics in order to give our customers data that’s truly useful to them.

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Nimvelo Communicator

Everything you need to know about Nimvelo Phone Communicator

Last August we introduced our new app for Nimvelo Phone – Communicator. This tool allows customers to make and receive calls straight from their web browser without having to download, install or configure anything.  

Communicator provides managers with direct access to their team so they can monitor who is available to take calls. Businesses can manage their contacts through the phonebook, which makes it easy for them to get in touch with colleagues and customers without the hassle of finding someone’s number. Communicator is great for remote teams, as it means team members can easily make and receive calls without a dedicated business phone.

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Dialling on phone

Nimvelo Phone: 5 tricks you probably didn’t know about

Once your company is up and running, you might consider getting yourself a business phone number to give yourself that professional image. With most business phone systems you’ll find out about the generic features that all VoIP providers will have; from extensions to auto-attendants.

It’s always the small tricks that are hidden, that customers want, no, need to know about. From just checking your mailbox without having to go online, or transferring a call from a regular extension to a virtual one. We’ve got all the tips and tricks for Nimvelo Phone to make your life easier.

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What is click-to-call?

If your VoIP service is your main telephone line, you probably make some of your calls using your computer’s internet connection.

Nimvelo has developed a Chrome browser extension that helps you place VoIP calls more quickly than ever. It also adds a number of useful features to make phone books easier to manage.

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Auto-delete call recordings

It is now possible to define a fixed retention period for call recordings, based on your own requirements. Once set, all recordings which fall outside of the defined time period will be automatically deleted – freeing up space and ensuring compliance with any data retention policies/regulations which may apply to your business.

To set the auto-delete period, visit the call recordings area of the customer portal and specify the maximum age of recordings by selecting “configure”. Once set, the automated cleanup process will remove any recordings older than the defined number of days.

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