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What’s new with Nimvelo Phone Analytics

Nimvelo Phone Analytics

For the past few months,  our amazing developers have been working hard on adding new features and making some amazing improvements to the Nimvelo Phone apps. 

Real-time dashboards

We’ve added real-time dashboard which means you’re now able to see what is happening with current calls, this is only available for calls queues at the moment. 

The real-time dashboard allows you to see what is going on with calls that are sitting in a queue. You’ll be able to see how long calls are in the queue before being answered, how many calls have been abandoned whilst waiting, average wait times and more. This is perfect for businesses with customer service departments or call centres that want to know how well their team is performing when it comes to answering calls. 

Call queue parameters

Is your team hitting their monthly targets? You’re now able to add call queue parameters in Nimvelo Phone Manager, this will allow you to set team targets that you want to achieve. You’ll be able to set the targets for service level threshold (which is how quickly you want your team to be answering the calls) and abandoned threshold (how many calls hung up before being answered). You’ll then be able to see all of the results in Analytics (especially with our new real-time dashboard). 

What’s next?

Check out our product roadmap to discover the things we’re currently working on and find out how to suggest new ideas.

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