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Everything you need to know about Nimvelo Phone Communicator

Nimvelo Communicator

Last August we introduced our new app for Nimvelo Phone – Communicator. This tool allows customers to make and receive calls straight from their web browser without having to download, install or configure anything.  

Communicator provides managers with direct access to their team so they can monitor who is available to take calls. Businesses can manage their contacts through the phonebook, which makes it easy for them to get in touch with colleagues and customers without the hassle of finding someone’s number. Communicator is great for remote teams, as it means team members can easily make and receive calls without a dedicated business phone.

What are the benefits of Nimvelo Phone Communicator?

  • Make and receive calls directly in your web browser
  • Clean, mobile-friendly interface
  • Direct access to your team and phonebook entries
  • See availability of other team members
  • Live feed of activity across your entire account (coming soon)

How it works

We’re using a brand new technology called WebRTC, which means Communicator is not yet supported by all browsers. However, the vast majority of our customers are already using one of the supporting browsers – and those which don’t usually have an alternative browser installed, anyway.

By using Communicator, you are freeing yourself from having to use a dedicated handset or your mobile, since calls are made directly from your web browser – or, in fact, a browser on another computer if you happen to be sat somewhere else and need to make a quick call! It’s a great alternative for businesses who are looking to cut down on costs or start working remotely; and there’s absolutely nothing to download or install so it really can be used just about anywhere – just navigate to the app and away you go.

Interested in giving it a go?

Nimvelo Phone Communicator has recently come out of beta and is now available to all customers; you’ll find it in the app-switcher, located in the top-bar of Nimvelo Phone Manager and other Nimvelo Phone apps. To let us know your thoughts or to alert us to any issues, please get in touch!

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