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SMS on your UK geographic number

SMS from a geographic number

Our developers have been hard at work again to bring you our latest feature – geographic text messaging. Our customers are now able to send and receive SMS text messages using any of their chosen geographic numbers, directly from the web portal.

Text messages are a great way of contacting customers without being too intrusive and cost just 10p per message to send. They are ideal for marketing campaigns or service updates to keep customers informed about current events.

Text or Call

Our geographic numbers can now be used as a single point of contact, allowing adverts to simply state “text or call…”. This sends a very clear message to your customer and encourages them to make contact on their terms. We have millions of numbers available, so finding a memorable one is easy – click here to sign up and browse our numbers for free.

Inbound text messages will be delivered directly to your chosen email address, so there’s no need to worry about checking for replies. A detailed message history is also available via the portal, including delivery status, so you can be sure your messages have reached their destination.

How to configure your settings

Your web portal has already been updated with the SMS features, however there are a few settings that you may wish to amend, such as if you want to accept incoming messages and the email delivery destination.

To do this, login to your portal and go to “Public Numbers”. Next to each number you will find an icon labelled “Configure SMS text messaging”.

SMS to email







Select the options you require and save your changes. Any text messages you receive will go to your chosen email address.

Sending text messages

To send a new text message to one or multiple recipients, select “SMS History” and click on the “New Message” button.

Text from landline number










Select which of your geographic telephone numbers you wish to send from and add the numbers you wish to send to (using commas to separate multiple recipients). Then enter your message into the box provided and click send. You can check on the status of the message by checking the SMS history page.

We work closely with our customers to continually improve our internet phone service and provide a first rate user experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions we’d love to hear from you. Plus, if we implement a feature that you have suggested we’ll give you £10 calling credit to say thank you!

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