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New VoIP user portal unleashed!

Our new portal handles like a dream!

We are very proud to (finally) announce the first release of our new and improved web portal, the roll-out of which begins today.

Over the past couple of months we’ve been working tirelessly to give the existing customer portal a complete makeover and to make our internet phone service even easier to use than ever. Phase one of the roll-out includes some significant improvements to the front-end, reducing the time it takes users to set up and configure their virtual phone system. Phase two, which is due towards the end of next week, will bring with it some nice new features along with minor enhancements to the way some of the existing ones work.

What’s different?

Our aim was to reduce the number of “clicks” required to navigate the portal and to configure each type of extension. We wanted to make it possible to see exactly where incoming calls would be delivered and how they would be handled, all from one place and with the least possible effort.

We achieved this by adding a toolbox next to each extension, regardless of the context in which it is displayed. So, when you see a reference to a particular ring group, for example, you can now configure that group’s individual preferences, as well as each of its members’ preferences and respective call forwarding rules without ever having to leave the current page. The same applies to call queues and other extension types too!

We have tidied things up a bit to make the whole experience much more intuitive, and we’ve also increased the size of the workspace to enable greater control from one place. Many of the options have now been consolidated and we’ve even removed some of the ones which were never used.

Behind the scenes, we’ve further enhanced our security policy as well as making some hardware upgrades to ensure things continue to run smoothly and reliably.

Why have we made these changes?

Since the launch of our service early last year we’ve enjoyed a hugely positive response and have made a very conscious effort to reflect on the feedback received from customers and partners alike.

Our goal has always been to raise awareness and to make internet-based phone systems more accessible to smaller businesses and start-ups. A major part of that strategy involves giving users what they actually want, rather than what we think they need. As a result of continuous improvement and innovation, our service is constantly evolving to meet (and exceed) the expectations of our users.

We set out to prove that VoIP doesn’t have to be complicated – and that’s exactly what we will continue to do.


(More on phase two to follow shortly…)

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