New feature: shared phone book and speed-dials

We’ve had a few requests lately for a way to easily share frequently dialled numbers between users, without the need to configure each individual handset. So here’s what we came up with – the shared phone book!

To add numbers to your phone book:

  1. Log in to the customer portal and select the “Phone Book” item from the main menu.
  2. Click “Add Entry” and enter the contact’s name/number and specify a speed-dial (1-999).
  3. Click “Save” and repeat as required.

To call a contact from any extension, simply dial *0 followed by the speed-dial specified for that contact. So for speed-dial 1, just dial *01.

We’re already looking at ways in which we can build on this feature. Look out for some nice additions such as incoming caller ID lookup, LDAP directory integration and handset-specific XML downloads – all coming soon!


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