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Integration with Xero’s WorkflowMax

Sipcentric - WorkflowMax integration

Introducing the Sipcentric – WorkflowMax connector

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest Google Chrome™ extension, the Sipcentric – WorkflowMax Connector, which can be used to enable screen-popping for customers using the WorkflowMax product by Xero.

When you receive an incoming call to your Sipcentric extension this plug-in will search through all of your clients in WorkflowMax and, if it finds a match, immediately display a notification with a button to open that client’s record.

Why we created this extension

While screen popping with many cloud-based CRMs is achievable out of the box with our regular Sipcentric for Google Chrome™ extension, integration with WorkflowMax in this way was not possible due to the lack of a defined search URL for querying contacts. The platform does, however, have a very good API – so by popular demand, we created a new Chrome extension for the purpose of enabling this functionality specifically for users of the WorkflowMax product.

The extension integrates with both the WorkflowMax API and our own streaming API, listening for incoming call notifications and then searching WorkflowMax to identify if the caller’s number matches any of your clients’ numbers. If a match is found, a notification will be displayed with a button to open that client’s record directly in WorkflowMax.

Getting started

The connector is extremely simple to use can be installed in seconds via the Chrome Web Store. Please see our guide to getting started with the Sipcentric – WorkflowMax Connector for details of how to install and configure the extension.


If you have any questions or feedback regarding this or any other feature, please do not hesitate to let us know!


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