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Nimvelo Phone: 5 tricks you probably didn’t know about

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Once your company is up and running, you might consider getting yourself a business phone number to give yourself that professional image. With most business phone systems you’ll find out about the generic features that all VoIP providers will have; from extensions to auto-attendants.

It’s always the small tricks that are hidden, that customers want, no, need to know about. From just checking your mailbox without having to go online, or transferring a call from a regular extension to a virtual one. We’ve got all the tips and tricks for Nimvelo Phone to make your life easier.

1. Accessing your mailbox – *95

No need for the hassle of logging into Nimvelo Manager to check your mailbox, it’s become easier and a lot less of an inconvenience – especially if you’re on the go.

2. Start/stop recording – *1

You may not want to record all calls, but if you feel as if you should you can always use this neat trick to start recording a call. (Beware must be enabled in Manager before you can start doing this)

3. Hot desking – *78xxx (xxx is your own extension number)

If your phone is not working but you’re expecting a call, you can always use your colleagues and temporarily take control of their phone by using this code. This can also be used for when you’re away from your desk but need to be answering calls from your own extension.

4. Blind transfer – **

Want to be able to make a quick transfer without having to speak with the other person, you can do this by making a blind transfer.

5. Attended transfer – ##

Allows you to open a new line so you are able to speak with the person you are transferring to, and when you hang up the call will be transferred. However if the person is not available to take the call you can retrieve the original caller by dialling *0.

Why not try these cool tricks next time you’re on a call and let us know if they make your life easier, there are plenty of other little tricks you might be interested in so be sure to check out our knowledgebase article for more tips.

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