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Out of office: Using Nimvelo Phone on holiday

Out of office: Using your Nimvelo Phone on holiday

Summer is a time when many of our busy entrepreneurs take some well-deserved time away from work. But as we know, business does not take a break with you. Take advantage of the best tools from Nimvelo’s business phone system to flexibly manage your most critical calls so the ship stays afloat while you are away.

Divert calls while on holiday

Nimvelo Phone allows you to forward calls automatically at specific times on particular days of the week. (Very handy for time zone differences!)

You can also forward calls only if unanswered or if you are on another call. This simply means that if a call is not answered in a specified amount of time, the call will be transferred to another user’s extension or an alternative landline/mobile number.

Get voicemail delivered to your email

Callers can leave a voicemail that is delivered to your email account so you can keep track of messages from any device. And when you’re not able to take a call, you can set up your line to automatically forward it to another extension, or dial a mobile or landline.

Transfer calls to another extension’s voicemail

You can leave a message for another extension or transfer calls to a colleague’s voicemail, without the phone ringing first.

When calling another extension on your system, if you prefix the 3-digit extension number with 0 you’ll go straight to their voicemail. For example, if you need to transfer a caller to Steve’s voicemail on extension 123, simply perform a transfer in the usual way but use 0123 instead of 123.

Similarly, this will also work with call forwarding rules, as well as any other lines where you can dial or specify a destination number.

Enjoy your holiday — Nimvelo has you covered!

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