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Advantages of Nimvelo Phone Analytics

Nimvelo Phone Analytics

Are you interested in knowing how your calls are being handled? Or are you keen to know what the most popular time is for calls? We introduced Nimvelo Phone Analytics to our customers last year for them to be able to monitor their business calls.

Benefits of Nimvelo Phone Analytics

Analytics gives customers the ability to dig into the data behind their business phone system, providing easy-to-understand visualisations showing, for example, who’s making or answering the most calls, or which times of the day or week are busiest. You can use this data to help you make important strategic decisions, such as how to schedule their employees based on when the most calls come in, or whether you need to hire more people if a lot of calls are going unanswered.

You can now build custom dashboards that let you easily visualise your key performance metrics. Need to know if your sales team are keeping up with their KPIs? Just create a new dashboard, then add the charts you need.

Check it out now

This data can then be used to optimise your Nimvelo Phone system, so you can allocate resources effectively and make sure your team and your customers are as happy as possible! It has recently come out of beta and is ready for all customers to try out. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for the new tool.

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