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What are 03 numbers?

Since their inception in 2007 03 numbers have been offering entrepreneurs and businesses many benefits.

Unlike 08 numbers, 03 numbers are included in mobile networks inclusive minutes. This gives your customers a cost effective way to contact you without being penalised by their network for using a mobile phone.

By giving the impression of a national presence a non-geographic number can help your business to create a professional image.

These two reasons alone are enough to make 03 numbers a very attractive alternative. When you consider this only costs £2.00 per month, then the question should be ‘can you afford not to?’

The following are 03 prefixes and represent different organisations as follows…

  • 030x for use by the government, councils, public services, non-profit organisations and charities.
  • 033x for use by any organisation
  • 034x for organisations looking to migrate their 084 number ranges
  • 037x for organisations looking to migrate their 087 number ranges

We are able to provide 033 numbers for new and existing customers. They are available for only £2.00 per month excluding VAT. Why not check out the business VoIP numbers we have by signing up for Nimvelo Phone today?

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