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Sipcentric PBX Developer API Released

Sipcentric API code

We are pleased to announce that the first, fully documented version of our eagerly awaited developer API is here!

The API makes it possible to programmatically manage features, query data and perform more interesting things from within your own applications, such as initiating calls, sending text messages and hooking into specific real-time events and notifications – perfect for screen popping and integration with call centre or CRM platforms.

The API has been available in beta mode for some time now and although previously undocumented, has nevertheless been successfully employed by a number of customers and partners already, enabling an array of exciting and innovative applications to be developed as a result. We believe this is testament to its usability and low barriers to entry – two of the core design decisions which we felt, importantly, reflected our overall brand and service.

Officially, the API will remain in beta state for a while longer, enabling us to refine and add new features alongside real-world usage and feedback – however, we will only make changes to the current version if they are considered non-breaking. In other words, it is perfectly safe to start using the API right away, without fear of your application being broken by an update our side!

Based around common REST principles, the Sipcentric API presents a number of opportunities to both customers and third parties alike:

Users of the Sipcentric PBX service can now fully integrate their phone system with internal business processes and applications. Call history, invoices and other management data can be periodically queried and processed. Calls can be initiated, SMS messages sent/received an real-time events acted upon.

White-labelled service delivery partners can manage customers and query usage data across their entire account, programmatically from within their own systems. Custom add-ons can also be written, enabling partners to differentiate and extend the service – adding value, creating unique benefits and really making it their own.

App/Software Developers
A market exists for independent developers to create, and sell, standalone desktop and mobile applications – as well as to develop plugins and integrations with other third-party products and services – which can be published in the various marketplaces and app stores for immediate purchase and download.

Cloud Service Providers
Cloud-based services enable small businesses to enjoy software and applications which, traditionally, would be too expensive or require a high level of expertise to install and manage in-house. Perhaps even more interesting, is the way in which multiple services can be linked together, enhancing productivity and creating new ways of working. Our API enables providers of help desk, CRM, call centre, messaging, collaboration and just about any other type of cloud-based solution to offer integration with the Sipcentric PBX platform, directly within their own products.


The Sipcentric Developer API is free to use and full documentation is available on our developer site. We will be adding more features and functionality over the coming weeks/months and would therefore welcome any feedback, suggestions, feature requests and comments. Please head over to our developer group if you have any questions or require support.

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