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How to make your business phone system more flexible

Business VoIP enables flexible working

Traditionally, business phone systems have been maintained by external contractors. Phones have been hard wired on desks, and staff have been forced to use their designated extension. If something breaks, the business will have to wait for the engineer to come back, and possibly shell out for an expensive emergency visit.

Flexibility is what makes voice over IP (VoIP) a worthy successor to the ageing PSTN system.

New lines

Cloud services are helping businesses to economise and cut back on waste, and VoIP systems are a perfect example of elasticity in action. To add a new extension, the administrator simply creates a new one via an online portal and assigns an internal number to it. The extension can then be linked with any number of incoming numbers from a variety of area codes.

Remote locations

Workers are no longer tied to desk phones and can log on from practically anywhere. With VoIP, all you need is an internet connection and a device (or app) to log on and connect to your virtual phone system. Nobody needs to know where you are. In fact, you can often use your 3G or 4G data plan, so your business number can travel as easily as you do.

Better quality

VoIP users can call people using traditional landlines, and vice versa. The calls sound exactly the same. But if you call VoIP to VoIP, you can actually improve the call quality compared to a regular telephone line. That means employees can chat more comfortably, and connect more authentically, regardless of where they are in the world.

Low fees

If your employees call each other, there are normally no fees to pay; on-net calls are free of restrictive allowances and per-minute charges, and this applies no matter where the caller is in the world. While there are some charges to call landlines and mobiles, these can often be controlled and decreased using calling packages, much like the packages that you use on your mobile phone contract. This lets you unleash your teams to talk for as long as they need to, and it cuts back on the admin needed to monitor spend.

More information

Nimvelo offers a range of solutions for small businesses, from Click to Call through to its online control panel. We’re here to help your business increase flexibility and work more efficiently, bringing costs down and boosting your productivity. If you’re ready to switch, talk to us about affordable business VoIP solutions today.


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