Using VoIP on holiday

Taking your business on holiday; how VoIP can help

Today’s self-employed entrepreneur has the freedom to work from anywhere, which is a big boost to productivity and profit. But over the summer, you might wish you could leave work in the office rather than having to conduct meetings in the airport or the hotel. We understand that it’s a real challenge to switch off! It’s tough to resist the temptation to check emails on the beach, since missing an important call could mean the next big contract goes to a competitor.

If working on holiday, you can take advantage of hosted technology so that you control interruptions, manage cost, and limit the amount of admin you have to do. One of the key things you’ll need is a functional telephone line, so how can VoIP help.

Low cost calling

If you route a call over a traditional telephone network, you’ll pay more as distances increase. Traditionally, this has made long distance calling expensive, and many businesses have had no choice but to close the phones for holidays.

Internet telephony uses an internet connection in place of a telephone line, so the distance between people doesn’t matter. Every call costs the same amount. As long as you have a good quality internet connection, you’ll be able to take advantage of VoIP.

Getting online in a foreign country can be expensive, although changes to roaming rules are helping to bring prices down. If you can’t find a reliable 4G provider, research local WiFi hotspots before you arrive. If the hotel charges for WiFi, a local café may offer a good alternative.

Flexible working

When you’re on holiday, you may have days when you leave the smartphone at the hotel. It might be because of necessity, or simply because you want to disconnect. All of us benefit from a little downtime, and you can use VoIP to control calls when you’re offline.

With Nimvelo, callers can leave a voicemail which is delivered to your email account, so you can keep track of messages from any device. And when you’re not able to take a call, you can set up your line to automatically forward it to another extension, or dial a mobile or landline.

Not sure how reliable your internet connectivity will be? Simply have each call ring multiple extensions, so someone else can pick up the call if you don’t.

Relax and enjoy

Nimvelo’s business telephone services give you more flexibility, so you can work when you’re away from your desk – even if you’re on the beach. When it’s time to wind down, we give you the tools you need to deal with calls so that no client feels they don’t matter. The great thing about VoIP is the low pricing; simply sign up with one extension, build a package, then scale the service up or down when you need to.

Choose a number today and you could be up and running in a few minutes, just in time for the summer break. Contact Nimvelo today and get ready for your summer holidays ahead.

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