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Building a team around your company culture

recruiting around company culture

If you want to get great ROI and maximise marketing success, you need to build long term relationships. While you can acquire new customers and sell to them once, the best brands are connecting with customers on a higher level and creating loyalty that lasts several years.

Your brand is the vision your customers associate with you, and creating consistency and value is a big part of building loyalty. It’s also critical that your team are engaged with your brand vision, which means creating a positive office culture.

The perfect match

If you’re planning to expand, or you’re hiring to replace a leaver, think about the company culture you’re aiming for. Consider your brand values; brainstorm in your team and discuss things your customers value about the company. Collectively, define the goals you have to maintain the brand experience that your customers love.

When we think about great companies, we tend to think of companies that innovate and make their staff happy. Google and Facebook are known for their open offices and flexible approach to work, and this has rubbed off on their global brand image. Who can forget the famous Google goats, or the bike repair shop that’s free for Facebook’s employees? Have you yearned to spend your lunch hours on a sun drenched roof terrace, like the one Twitter’s developers get to use? Rewards, fun, creativity and positivity all play a part in encouraging a corporate culture that defines a brand.

Key tactics

Once your goals have been identified, you should have a good idea of the questions to ask in your application forms and interview. Look for people who show clear evidence of living your company values, as well as a natural enthusiasm for the brand you’ve built.

Recruitment is not just about skills; it’s about past experiences, competencies and challenges, since your new hire needs to feel they have their own goals to strive for. As a VoIP provider, we look for staff who know their stuff, but also adhere to our mission to find the best solutions for our customers, no matter what.

Get it right first time

When you meet your candidate, try to get a feel for their values to find out whether they will care about your goals. While some people will tick boxes on paper, they’ll falter at the interview stage if you can’t get them to care about your brand. Getting it right pays dividends; if you can hire people with similar priorities, it will be a lot easier to build teams that share a sense of purpose and genuinely offer a great culture fit, and it will save you money by reducing staff churn.

Finding a candidate who is a great culture fit is about asking the right questions. You know what your brand goals are; you have built the culture that supports them. Find people that find meaning in their work, and you’ll nurture a positive relationship and obtain trusted, valued members of your team.

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