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Bosses, be flexible and keep your workers happy during the Euros

Flexible working during the World Cup

June doesn’t just mean the start of warmer weather, barbecues and wearing shorts in the office, for sports fans it means heaven! The Euros kick off the hotly anticipated summer of sport on the 10th June, meaning spirits will be high for workers all over Europe as they celebrate and commiserate the battle for glory. But, what does this mean for productivity in the office? How can you ensure productivity doesn’t slip and your workers stay happy and focused?

Be flexible

Acas, the UK help and advice service for employers and employees recently urged businesses to consider flexible working practices during the Euros to keep productivity high and absenteeism low. Some key matches, including the tie between England and Wales take place during working hours, and for those workers who love football, it’s a game they will not want to miss. The last thing any employer wants is lack of productivity because their teams can’t stop checking their phone for the latest score, or talking to their mates on Whatsapp about the ref’s latest decision.

Give your employees options

Acas recommended giving employees the option for annual leave or simply allowing employees to take the time to watch the match without having to resort to calling in sick. For example, employees could start work an hour earlier, giving them an extra hour at lunch to watch the match. Sir Brendan Barber who chairs Acas said: “The Euro 2016 tournament is an exciting event for football fans but staff should avoid getting a red card for unreasonable demands or behaviour in the workplace during this period.”

Sir Barber advised employers to think about tackling the football fever head on by giving employees the flexibility to get on with the job but also stay up to date on all the action, and agree up front what is and isn’t acceptable. One way of doing this is simply telling your workers it’s ok to watch the games on television or online from their desks as long as all of their work is still completed to the same high standards:

“Employers should have a set of agreements before kick-off to help ensure their businesses remain productive while keeping staff happy too.”

“Our guidance can help managers get the best from their teams, arrange substitutions if necessary and avoid unnecessary penalties or unplanned sendings off.”

Get everyone on board

Agreeing these arrangements with your team before kick off will help save a lot of disagreements and help keep peace within the office. Get your whole team involved; not everyone may like watching football but it’s a good opportunity to bring the team together and boost morale. Make a sweepstake and consider giving the office a sporty makeover. It’ll get the whole team invested into the Euros and excited for the summer of sport so everyone understands it’s ok to show your support and join in the fun while working.

What does the Summer of Sport include?

  • Euro 2016: June 10th – July 10th
  • Wimbledon tennis: June 27th – July 10th
  • Open Championship golf: July 14th – July 17th
  • Summer Olympics: August 5th – August 21st
  • US Open tennis: August 29th – September 11th
  • Paralympic Games: September 7th – September 18th

For all the latest on all these events are more make sure to follow @BBCSport or @SkySportsNewsHQ; for the latest insight into all the action.

What are you doing for the summer of sport in your office? Are you giving your workers time off? Or just enforcing a strict match-ban for the whole tournament? Tweet us and let us know @nimvelo

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