Team Productivity

What can you do to help increase team productivity?

Increasing team productivity

One of the biggest challenges all managers face is keeping their team motivated and enthusiastic. As times goes on, you might start to see your team become demotivated and bored with their everyday work life; it can be hard to try and motivate an entire team, and even harder to try and encourage productivity. This might not always be the case, but even if you and your team are highly productive there is always room for improvement. Here are some tips on how to make it happen…

Team bonding

Going out and making time for team bonding goes a long way with employees. It’s important that your team is full of people that can trust and rely on each other. Going out and involving your team in problem solving and trust exercises can be a great way to help increase productivity.

If you wanted to do something a bit more chilled out, sitting down in a casual environment and having a catch up with your team can help employees to feel more comfortable. Discussing projects over pizza makes it feel less intimidating and relaxing. If your employees can have a laugh together, then more than likely they can be productive as a team too.

Collaborating on projects

Some of the best projects come from team members putting their heads together. You should try and encourage employees to work together and challenge themselves to think differently and provide their own perspective to the task in hand. Nobody wants to be the weak link of the group, so everyone holds themselves to a higher standard and accomplishes more as part of a team.

Another advantage we’ve found with collaborative work is that employees get to learn from each other; sharing knowledge and understanding with others helps to increase their grasp of what each of them contribute to the business.


Give your employees the opportunity to make their own decisions. You don’t want your team to be constantly seeking approval and checking if they’re doing the right thing. By encouraging them to be independent, they’ll be more likely to learn from their own mistakes and increase their skills and confidence. You’ll be less concerned to leave your team alone, knowing they’re able to work by themselves on their tasks.

Here at Nimvelo, every Monday morning each member of the team will give a brief overview of what they plan to do for the week. By doing this we let the team know what we are working on, and if they have anything to contribute they can. This also gives the team freedom to work on what they think is best.

Any other tips?

Make sure you’re constantly inspiring your team to go above and beyond and work through barriers to help them succeed. What do you do to help increase productivity with your employees? Pop your tips into the discussion box and help your fellow business owners to motivate their own teams.

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