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If you’ve decided that you’d like to let your employees work remotely, it’s important to consider the logistics behind this. If you’re still not 100% remote working is right for your business? Take a look at our checklist to see if you’re ready to take the leap. Whilst the easiest option might be to simply allow people to work from home as and when they want to, this won’t work for all businesses, and can often raise more questions than you’d expect.

Creating a remote working policy will remove ambiguity, set expectations, and answer any questions your employee has. As with all company documents, a remote working policy also acts as a clear source that can be referred back to if there are ever any issues.

Remote work policies should include the responsibilities of the company and employees, detailing what is expected from everyone when they’re working away from the office. There’s a lot to think about, so we’ve created this handy policy generator – all you need to do is fill in the form below, and we’ll email your personalised company remote working policy straight to you!

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