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How to choose an internet phone system provider

This post was written by Ethan, who joined us for work experience in June 2018.

An internet phone system provides a hassle-free way to make calls between employees and to your customers for a small fee. There are a lot of different providers on the market, and so choosing the right one for you can prove to be very difficult. This post will help you decide on the best internet phone provider for your business.

The features that you should look for in an internet phone service provider are:

  1. Low price
  2. Minimal need for a long-term commitment
  3. Flexibility
  4. Ease of use
  5. Putting the customer in control
  6. The ability to add or remove features at any time
  7. Connectability to handsets and softphone apps

If a provider offers all of these things, it is a worthy candidate for your choice of service.


Looking at pricing can be a very arduous task at the best of times, working out which phone service provides the best value for money and which provides the best deal. For example, Nimvelo offer a free virtual extension, an incoming number from anywhere in the country for only £2/mo, and a regular extension to get every member of your team connected to make and receive calls anywhere for £2/mo.

If you need multiple people to be able to take calls at the same time, you can add a ring group for £2/mo, or a call queue can be added for £3/mo with the option to add a welcome message and hold music to keep your callers happy (and maybe even dancing) while they wait to be passed on to a member of the team. If you are looking to reduce costs, avoid companies that bundle everything into a fixed monthly price, as this usually works out more expensive in the long run and will often tie you into a 12-month contract or more. Instead, go for a cheaper, more flexible and more manageable deal.

Ease of use

How easy a service is to use is a very important factor in choosing the provider that is right for you. If an internet phone service is complicated and/or not versatile in terms of what you can do with it, then it is not worth choosing. Nimvelo Phone provides you with a “Look, Ma, no hands!” experience without the feeling of crashing your bike; it runs on an online platform that is open 24/7 and easily accessible.

The features mentioned previously are organised in an easy to use way, everything can be accessed at any time and without any struggle, and the team are always on hand to answer any queries you may have. Some other systems do not provide such versatility, and instead have a set deal which cannot be tweaked or changed with ease.

Customer service

Customer service is a key component in the effectiveness of an internet phone service. Ideally, the team behind the service should be friendly and go the extra mile, putting your needs first. Good customer service is at the core of what Nimvelo do, with our entire team focused on making sure your queries and concerns are answered and solved efficiently and easily.

Every individual member of the Nimvelo team is friendly, human, and ready to listen to (and act upon) your feedback. The company is always growing to meet your needs and be the perfect internet phone service for businesses everywhere. Our goal is to listen to feedback from our users and use this to provide an even better service.


Ultimately, the best internet phone provider for your business is the one that meets your individual needs. We may be biased, but we think Nimvelo Phone is a great option for anyone looking for a cost-effective, easy to use, hassle-free experience. Sign up now and you’ll be up and running in minutes!

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