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Calling to report power cuts in Storm Eunice and Storm Dudley

If you are preparing for Storm Eunice and Storm Dudley, you’ll be thinking about how we can stay indoors and keep safe. Over the past few years we’re been reminded about how remaining at home may also help the emergency services which will no doubt be stretched once more as they battle the elements over the next few days.

Did you know that a few years ago the Electricity Helpline was set up to report power cuts and damage to power lines with the 3 digit number 105 making it easier to remember. 

Alerting them to a fallen tree across power cables may prevent loss of life and it’s important to take the necessary actions and not attempt to move it yourself as fallen power line may still be live.

Local electricity networks, such as Western Power Distribution (based in Wales, the South West and the Midlands) has its own free phone number for support in the case of power cuts in the region. This number is 0800 032 0311.

Please remember that these services are not intended as a substitute for 999/112 service in cases of emergency.

As an IP telephony user, please bear in mind that in the case of a power cut or your broadband not working, your telephone will not allow you to make calls, even to emergency services and we suggest that you have an alternative means of communication for this purpose, such as a mobile phone.


Stay safe


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