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VoIP – Levelling the Business Playing Field

Just as the Internet levelled the commercial playing field for businesses, big and small, a virtual phone system can give companies of any size the ability to appear professional and well-established. Whether you have 50 employees or 3, an internet phone service is a fantastic, flexible option that can allow business owners to create custom voice prompts, forward calls, record calls, and much more.Image is incredibly important in the small business world. An internet phone system from Sipcentric will ensure your calls are always handled in an effective, professional manner. No matter where you are, your customers will always feel well-regarded.

Call handling features used most by our small business customers include a call queue with a welcome message and music, an auto-attendant that will direct callers to the most appropriate department or person, custom voice prompts and time-based routing for automatically handling calls over the weekend, or other out-of-hours periods.


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