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Get ahead this summer with a business VoIP system

Finding the right Business VoIP system can be tough, there are many things to consider. Costs, contract length, feature sets and ease of use are some of the many variables. Here at Sipcentric we believe that we have put together the ideal Business VoIP system for small and medium businesses.


One of the main reasons for choosing a phone system is the cost. We aim to keep costs low and competitive and allow users to only pay for the features they want or need. Users therefore have the flexibility to add and remove features from the virtual PBX at their freewill.


We believe that contracts should not be an issue, allowing users to grow their system or reduce it in size when and if your company needs. Allowing you the freedom to expand your business through the good times and making it easier to deal with through any bad times that may occur.

By not tying our customers into contracts shows the belief that we have in our system and the support we offer. This helps to keep our company on its toes, striving to be the best.

Many start-up companies will benefit from our Business VoIP system as it helps them to look more professional, but at the same time it stops them from getting locked into any long term deals especially with the uncertainty that faces a new business.


We know how important your business VoIP system is to your communication needs and the fact you will need to project a professional image to your clients. With this in mind we have developed a powerful PBX platform with a wide range of business features to help you with your business needs. These include features such as IVR’s, Call Groups and Call Forwarding.

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Ease of Use

With our past experience in the VoIP industry we have come across many PBX platforms which have been difficult and confusing to use. This slows down the user as they often need to make calls to the provider to get help making changes. We have worked long and hard to develop a platform which is easy to use, so you have full control over your system. In fact it is so easy to use you could be up and running in as little as 5 minutes.

Furthermore we are always looking to improve and develop our system so feedback is always appreciated. We have also created a range of easy to follow videos to help you understand more advanced set ups. We look forward to working with our customers to develop the best Business VoIP platform in the UK. To show our thanks we credit users with calling credit for any change or feature that gets developed!

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