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How to build a virtual phone system in 10 minutes or less

Advances in technology mean it is now possible to have a feature packed Internet phone service fully operational in less than 10 minutes. This provides a clear advantage over a traditional phone system, which can take anywhere up to 26 days to set up.

An online PBX means there is no need for expensive equipment. It is also extremely flexible, giving you complete control of the configuration. This gives you the freedom to make changes as required, bypassing the time consuming act of dialing into support for each change.

Choose a number for your Internet phone service

The first step in getting your system up and running is to choose a number. Choosing a number that contains sequences or patterns (such as: 7777, 1234, 2828 etc.) can make it easier to remember.

Add extensions (users)

Here you will select how many employees you want to have an extension. There are two choices for each extension:

  • Virtual extension – this option is for employees who want to divert all their calls to an existing number (call forwarding).
  • Full extension – this gives users access to a far greater range of features. It can be used with a physical handset, softphone or mobile app.

Routing your calls

There are a number of useful features available when linking your extensions. Configuring these features correctly can greatly assist with call handling and create a much more professional sounding system.


  • Ring/hunt groups – these can be used to group together a number of extensions, allowing an assigned number to ring all handsets within that group either together or in sequence.
  • IVR – this allows your callers to select which department or person they wish to speak to by selecting a number on the keypad (1=Sales, 2=Accounts etc.). Each option can connect to a single extension or a group of extensions.
  • Queuing – this option can be useful for people who receive a high volume of calls. It can also notify callers of their position in the queue.

Start receiving calls

Congratulations! You are now ready to connect a handset, softphone or mobile app and start receiving calls.

With the high cost of purchasing and maintaining PBX equipment being a thing of the past, and a virtually instant phone number, a virtual phone system is the best option for any small business. Don’t just take our word for it though, try it today for free.

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