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Google Chrome™ Extension 1.1 is here!

A couple of months back, we created Sipcentric for Google Chrome™ – an extension to the Chrome browser which, by harnessing the power of our developer API, adds an additional level of convenience and control over your regular phone extension. As ever, we have been busy working to improve and enhance the features already available as well as adding new ones, to make it even easier for users to make the most of their virtual phone system. As a result, we are very pleased to announce the release of our second iteration of the Chrome Extension, version 1.1!

So let’s take a look at what’s new in this release…


Push notifications framework

Incoming SMS notificationAs a key development to the underlying platform, our streaming events API allows us to push information about new system events directly to your browser, immediately as they happen. Some of the features already present in the previous version have been enhanced considerably as a result of this new core functionality.


Numerous SMS enhancements

SMS messaging directly from your browserThe way in which your SMS history is displayed has been reworked. Messages are now grouped by number and displayed as “conversations” (threads).

Also, when you receive an SMS, it will now trigger a notification in the corner of your screen.


Incoming call notifications

Just like incoming SMS messages, incoming calls will also now appear as a notification in the corner of your screen.


Screen popping (CRM integration)

Call notifications and screen poppingYou also now have the ability to integrate the extension with your own web based CRM platform. Depending on your CRM’s search functionality, incoming calls can trigger a search of your contacts to display the caller’s account or record before even answering the call.


General UI improvements

We’ve also improved the layout of the extension to make it more user friendly and intuitive.


If you’ve not yet tried the extension, why not take it for a spin? It’s extremely quick and easy to install – simply download from the Chrome Store.


As we continue to look for ways in which to improve all of our services and features, if you have any ideas which you feel we could use, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing or tweeting us @sipcentric.

We look forward to your feedback.


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