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Representing entrepreneurs at Downing Street

Entreprenurs head to Downing Street

Last week our Founder and Managing Director, Charles Chance, was invited by Enterprise Nation to join them at 10 Downing Street. This special invitation gave Charles the opportunity to not only represent Birmingham itself, but also to represent entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the city and wider region.

Charles and a collection of other entrepreneurs were each given a chance to share their opinions, raise concerns, and suggest ways in which the government could better support small businesses and start-ups across the UK.

Small businesses speaking up

The party met with special adviser to the Prime Minister, Daniel Korski, in order to highlight the issues affecting small businesses and consider ways in which the government could further help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve growth – vital for boosting the wider economy.

They also had the pleasure of a surprise guest – Anna Soubry, Minister of State for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise – who just happened to be passing by and was able to spare some of her valuable time to join the discussion!

Who was representing?

Alongside Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, Charles was joined by a selection of other entrepreneurs and business owners from around the country:

Who is Enterprise Nation?

Enterprise Nation is a small business community dedicated to supporting and growing small businesses. Their mission is to create a more entrepreneurial society in the UK, and they work hard to help entrepreneurs start, run and grow their business. Since their launch in 2005, Enterprise Nation has supported thousands of business owners with exclusive offers, discounts and networking opportunities. Benefits of membership include:

  • Expert advice and master-classes.
  • Opportunities to campaign to government.
  • Peer support and member-only forums.
  • Discounts on over 100 small business events each year.
  • Exclusive offers and discounts on small business essentials.
  • Access to free e-books, webinars and other resources.


We will keep you posted about the outcome of some of the issues raised at the meeting, and hope to see continued and further support for small business and entrepreneurship in the UK. In the meantime, we’d like to extend a big thank you to Enterprise Nation, for making available this fantastic opportunity to interact with other business owners and share what we’ve learned about the issues affecting start-ups and SMEs.

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