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Are you still using your mobile to make and receive business phone calls? Even if you’re a sole trader, there are many downsides to only having a mobile number; from not looking professional to being unable to separate your personal and work life, it may be worth considering investing in a dedicated business phone number

We know what you’re thinking – surely a phone number is costly and requires a landline? Not ideal if you don’t want to be tied to a desk all day! However, the near-universal availability of the internet (either over wifi, 3G, or 4G) in the UK has enabled internet phone service providers like Nimvelo to offer cost-effective domestic phone numbers that can be routed to wherever you like, whenever you like. So if you’re in the office in the morning but out and about all afternoon, your phone number can stay with you all day!

Finding yourself a business number may not be high on your list of priorities but it’s something that needs to be considered to help your business establish itself. Here are some reasons why it’s something you should think about sooner rather than later…

Business or personal?

Although your business hours might be 9-5, you may still be receiving calls at 9pm on a Saturday night as you aren’t able to filter calls on your mobile. Having a designated business phone number from an internet phone service provider like Nimvelo Phone means you no longer have to wonder if the call to your mobile is personal or business, as you can use a dedicated app to handle your work calls.

Professional image

When potential customers are calling you up the last thing you want to be doing is handing out your mobile number; this may make your company look unprofessional and small-fry. Customers are more likely to trust a business that has a dedicated number for their company over one that uses their mobile number.

Growing your business

By having a mobile number you’re limiting the amount of business you could be getting – if two people call at once or the person with the mobile is unable to answer, potential customers who can’t get through might decide to go elsewhere. A dedicated business phone number means your team are able to answer multiple incoming calls – whether it be support or general enquiries, no call will get left behind.

Showcasing your number

Exhibiting at events? Got yourself some nifty new business cards? Building your own social media pages? These are all opportunities to showcase your company details; having a designated number gives you the edge that shows that your business is legitimate.

Choose the number that’s perfect for you!

You can choose whether you get a geographical or non-geographical number for your business. It may be the case that your service is only for those in Birmingham so you want an 0121 number to appeal to local people, or you might prefer an 0330 number if your service caters to those across the UK.

Interested to see what business phone numbers Nimvelo can offer? You can head over to our number chooser page and take a look at what numbers we have available for your business.

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