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5 festive ways to bring Christmas into the office

Christmas in the office

If you hadn’t already noticed, it’s the holiday season! You’ve more than likely already heard Christmas songs on the radio, or saw the lights go up in your town. Now it’s time to make sure you bring the festive joy to your workplace. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean the workload slows down, however you can still add some cheer into the office with these fun ideas.

1. Decorations

Christmas isn’t the same without decorations. Whether it be a few bits of tinsel around the office, or being creative with some paper and making snowflakes. Here at Nimvelo we decided to decorate a bit more than usual, getting the tree out of storage and buying some fairy lights to hang on the windows. There’s no limit to what you can do around the office with a trip to Poundland and a bit of imagination.

Christmas Tree - Nimvelo

2. Secret Santa

Who doesn’t love presents? Spread the joy around the office by making sure everyone goes home with something. You can either draw names out of a hat or use websites such as draw names to make it even easier. Make sure to set a small budget and let your team get creative with what presents they give.

3. Christmas games

There are many games you can play in the office without spending money – from charades to Pictionary. Create teams with your colleagues and have a competition to see which team wins the most games over a week.

4. Festive food

Bringing in food during the festive period seems to be a given, whether it be a box of biscuits or some cheeky mince pies. Why not arrange an office festive fuddle, where every team member brings food and drink in to share? It’s a great way of taking a bit of time out with your colleagues, and no one will ever say no to cake during Christmas.

5. Christmas jumper day

16 December is Save the Children Christmas jumper day: get involved and encourage your team to don their favourite festive knitwear. You could even get competitive and have a contest for the ugliest Christmas jumper. Not only do you get to wear something a bit more fun to work, but you can also help a great charity by donating too!

These are just a few suggestions to make your office a bit more festive in the run up to Christmas. If you have any other ideas feel free to let us know about them in the discussions box. Hopefully Christmas in the office just got better.

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