Keep up to date with Nimvelo’s new Status page

We always try and be as transparent as possible with our customers, which is why we’ve recently given our service status page a bit of an overhaul. The page now includes scheduled maintenance updates as well as historical uptime data.

Our main goal with this is to keep everyone in the loop regarding system uptime and planned maintenance to ensure customers experience minimal disruption to their service.

You’ll be able to subscribe to updates via email, SMS, twitter or RSS feed. Which means you’ll always be kept up to date with what’s going on and if there’s any issues you need to be aware of.


How well does VoIP work over 4G in 2017?

Over the past few years, 4G usage has grown dramatically. When we last tested how well VoIP worked over 4G, it had only recently been made available and was supported by just one provider; that is no longer the case, with the top providers all offering 4G and coverage extending across much of the country. According to Ofcom’s 2016 Communications Market Report, 4G is now available to 97.8% of UK premises.

As an internet phone service provider, we’re interested in how well VoIP works over 4G, as many of our customers require the ability to make calls over the internet when they’re out and about and away from wireless networks.

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Improving communication at work with cloud phone system

How a cloud phone system can improve communication at work

Modern workplaces are evolving at a rapid rate, driven by technology and mobility. Hardly a day goes by without new cloud services springing up, all offering new ways of working. As business evolves to take advantage, employees can work further and further from base without necessarily missing out on key activities.

If you have employees working in different parts of the country, or the world, you’re going to need affordable and efficient ways to keep them all in sync. Thankfully, there are several key benefits of the cloud that all work in your favour.

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SMEs look for in phone service

SMEs: What do you look for in a phone service?

The internet has transformed the way small businesses operate, and cloud computing has opened up many technologies that were once unaffordable to them. As more and more offices obtain broadband connections, or upgrade to fibre-optic speeds, internet telephony services have become increasingly popular.

When shopping around for a business phone provider, there are lots of things to take into account. We’ve gathered together some of our customers’ most common requirements.

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what is the future of voip

What is the future of VoIP?

Small businesses have been behind the VoIP revolution for the last five years, driving change in the industry and helping providers to hone their services. At Nimvelo, we’ve learned a great deal by listening to our customers to find out what their pain points are. That helps us to continue to provide value-for-money services whilst continuing to innovate and grow.

Now that VoIP is proven and established, its functionality will certainly broaden. What can we expect in the future?

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Why VoIP works well

Why does VoIP work so well?

When we demonstrate the benefits of an internet phone service, some entrepreneurs simply can’t believe they haven’t discovered the technology sooner. For many sole traders and small businesses, missing calls can spell disaster, which is one of the key reasons why VoIP has taken off over the last decade.

If you run a business, the time is right to use business VoIP. But what makes it so great?

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Businesses converting to VoIP

Will more businesses convert to using VoIP?

Many businesses still use old-fashioned telephone systems in their offices, and it’s not unusual to see a traditional PBX in use at established companies. For some businesses, their ageing telephone system represented a huge investment of time and money. Understandably, they’re quite reluctant to update it.

With all technology, times change, and solutions become more sophisticated. A huge number of businesses are already using VoIP, have we reached saturation?

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Emergency call using VoIP

VoIP and 999: Important information about emergencies

In the UK, there are two important numbers for medical advice. 111 is the UK’s non-emergency number, while 999 is for life-or-death situations handled by the police, fire service, ambulance service and (if relevant) mountain rescue or the coastguard in your area. (112 can also be dialled instead of 999).

If you pay for internet phone service, you need to understand how this affects your ability to dial 999. In short: you can, but there are some other issues to consider.

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