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Why use VoIP on your smartphone or tablet?

VoIP for smartphones or tablets

We receive a lot of enquires from people who are looking to use Sipcentric on their smartphone or tablet. In this blog we will look at why users are so keen to use SIP on their smartphone and recommend which apps are best to use on your devices.

For users that prefer the feel of a physical phone rather than a softphone, and are not looking to spend a lot of money on extra hardware, an app is a great way to make and receive calls over the Sipcentric network. The app is free or inexpensive depending on your mobile or tablets operating software.

An app is available for instant download and is quick and easy to setup. By installing the app on your smartphone you will only need one device to carry around with you.

As your mobile or tablet are cordless, you are able to leave your desk and still receive calls, depending on Wi-Fi strength.

The app will also integrate with existing contacts, saving you from entering new contacts from scratch.

For the different mobile operating software we recommend the following…

SIP for Apple

For iOS users we recommend the Bria app developed by CounterPath. For a guide to setting this up visit configuring the Bria for iPhone app.

This award winning app is priced at £8.99 for the iPad and £5.49 for the iPhone, both are available in the apple store.

If you are looking for a free alternative we recommend the 3CX app. This is free for both the iPad and iPhone. Click here for more information on configuring the 3CX app.

SIP for Android

For android users we recommend the app CSipSimple; for a guide to setting up the app visit configuring the CSipSimple app for android.

The CsipSimple app is available for free in the Play store for both tablets and phones running android.


If you’re thinking of using VoIP on your smartphone or tablet and would like any advice or guidance, we at Sipcentric are always happy to help.


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