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transfer or record mobile phone calls anywhere in the world

As part of our feature spotlight series, this week I’d like to talk about the ability to really work from anywhere, seamlessly.

Unlike other solutions, our call forwarding feature allows users to truly integrate their mobile phone with their virtual telephone system, enabling them to perform things such as attended or blind transfers, in addition to on-demand call recording and more.

Here’s a scenario. Let’s say you are out of the office, have call forwarding set up and you receive a call to your company number. The caller hears a welcome message then some music while their call is connected to you on your mobile phone. Now let’s assume the call should really be handled by a colleague, Steph, who has an extension (numbered 102) on the same internet phone service. Normally, you’d have to take a message then call Steph yourself and ask her to return the call. Not only does this take time, but your once hot sales lead is now cold – a wasted opportunity.

With Nimvelo this could have been avoided. By simply dialling **102, the call could have been transferred directly to Steph without the need to take a message. Additionally, if you had dialled ##102 instead, you could have spoken to Steph first to make sure she was able to take the call (attended transfer).

Here’s another scenario. Let’s say you receive a call, forwarded to your mobile, whilst driving (hands free of course ;)). You need to take down contact details, but how do you do it if you’re driving? Easy – enable call recording by dialling *1 and you can play the call back later!

No longer do you need to rent office space or employ a full-time receptionist. Both features described here, plus all the standard call handling features are available on any mobile phone, so wherever you or your colleagues are, you really can stay connected and sound professional.

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