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Over the past week or so, many of our customers have been affected by the recent wave of broadband outages across the UK. Of course, if you’re using an Internet phone service and your connection to the Internet goes down, so does your phone system.

Most providers offer a facility to set up call forwarding to an alternative number and this is usually fairly straightforward to configure via an online portal of some description. However, what if you don’t have alternative means of connecting to that portal? What if you’re not even aware your broadband is down?

Our mission has always been to prove that a quality internet phone service can be a solid and reliable alternative to traditional services, so this was clearly a concern for us. In response, we decided to add a nice little feature called “Automatic Fail-Over”.

How does it work?

By assigning a “fail-over” number to each of your extensions, calls that are unable to connect (for example during a broadband outage) will be automatically forwarded to that number. Furthermore, each extension may have a different fail-over destination, so users who are part of a ring group or call queue are able to continue answering calls as normal, and the whole process is completely transparent to the caller.

How do I set it up?

Simply login to the customer portal and click “configure features” on your chosen extension. Then select the call forwarding option, choose “on failure to connect” and enter your alternative number. That’s all there is to it!

We recommend that all users set this up in order to avoid missed calls should the worst happen!


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