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Call Forwarding – Now Even More Flexible

As many of our existing customers will know, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our internet phone service and make it the most user friendly around. For the past few weeks our developers have been busy making a number of changes to the customer portal which have come about as a result of recent user feedback:

1. Turn call forwarding rules on/off with a single click

Users who regularly switched between a number of call forwarding destinations found themselves having to add/remove a new rule each time they wanted to update the destination. We’ve now introduced the ability to add any number of rules and simply turn them on or off with a single click, making the task of switching between destinations much quicker.

2. Forward calls if no answer or busy

Another useful addition is the ability to forward calls only if unanswered or if the user is on another call. This simply means that if a call is not answered in a specified amount of time, instead of ringing off the call will be transferred to another user’s extension or an alternative landline/mobile number.

3. Short code for turning forwarding rules on/off from the handset

In addition to turning call forwarding on or off via the portal, existing rules can now be enabled or disabled from a connected handset or softphone. Quite simply, when a call forwarding rule is added it can be assigned a number which, when prefixed by *74, will enable it to be switched on or off without having to log in to the portal. So, if a rule is assigned with the number 1, the extension user simply dials *741 each time they want to enable or disable it.


We work very closely with our customers to continually improve our internet phone service and provide a first rate user experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions we’d love to hear them. Plus, if we implement a feature you have suggested we’ll give you £10 calling credit to say thank you!

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