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Divert calls for the holidays

Forward calls automatically this Easter

You may be aware that our internet phone service includes a feature which allows you to forward calls automatically at specific times on particular days of the week. This is great for most weeks but what happens when there is a bank holiday and the office is closed during the day when it would normally be open? In an ideal world, your business phone system would know your office was closed and route calls accordingly.

To cater for this, we have extended the feature to allow for not only a weekly schedule but also a yearly one. This means that a time interval can now include dates of the year instead of just days of the week. You may then use this time interval as normal to forward or route calls differently on the specified dates, once yearly.

And that’s not all! We have further extended the service to include “shared” time intervals which are created by us and available for everyone to use. We have already added one for UK public holidays and for this year, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Any shared time intervals will be updated automatically each year, so once you have used them to create a forwarding or routing rule, there’s nothing more to do – simply “set and forget”.

Shared time intervals including UK public holidays

For further help creating and using a time interval, take a look at our video here:

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