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How can your business make a great first impression?

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As a new business, it can sometimes be a little daunting when competing with larger, more established companies. Do your customers know that you are operating out of the spare room at home? Have they realised that your business number is actually just your house number? For a new or small business owner, these are all common concerns, although fortunately there is an extremely easy way to address them.

The Solution

An Internet phone service, which is also know as business VoIP, can provide a small business with the look and sound of a larger company, without the expense and hassle of actually being one.

Creating this image has several advantages. It builds confidence with potential customers, keeps your working day restricted to your office hours, and provides clients with a completely separate way of getting in touch, ensuring the work and house calls are kept separate. With a virtual number or virtual phone system, calls can be professionally routed to the appropriate person, whether they are simply across the room or on the other side of the world.

While your company may not be as spectacular as the big corporation, there is no need for anyone else to know that. A VoIP service can help you make a great first impression and compete on a level playing field without costing a fortune.

Advantages for Small Businesses

Installation – Free or low cost, depending on the setup you want.
Maintenance – Maintenance is usually nothing more than free software updates.
Usability – Systems are simply controlled from a user-friendly interface, giving you complete flexibility.
Commitment – Normally no contract is required, and on the odd occasion there is one, it is usually only for a few months, not years.
Charges – VoIP averages much lower call charges than traditional systems.
Growth friendly – As your company outgrows the spare room, you can feel safe in the knowledge there will be no expensive hardware to move, you can keep your number wherever you move to as it isn’t location specific, and additional features are easily added to allow for future business needs.

So if you want to give your business a professional appearance that allows you to compete with your bigger competitors, then contact us today to see how you could benefit from a low cost and user-friendly business VoIP.

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