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Top 10 benefits of VoIP for small businesses

benefits of VoIP for small businesses

You may think internet telephony is only beneficial to larger businesses, but this is certainly not the case. In fact, small businesses – particularly start-ups – are able to benefit enormously from the added freedom, flexibility and reduced costs an internet phone service can offer. Here are 10 very good reasons to trial a hosted VoIP solution in your small business.

1. You can start using it now

Setting up a VoIP account is as easy as pie. Just type in a few basic details and we’ll set you up automatically on our online portal. From there, you can play around with the basics without paying a penny.

2. It’s not expensive

Ready to begin? An internet phone service won’t break the bank. VoIP numbers cost a couple of pounds per month, and much of the basic functionality is free. Add a couple of extensions to build a flexible package that will let you receive calls directly over the internet, dial out from anywhere and transfer calls between users.

3. You can use your smartphone to get started

Many VoIP users use their existing smartphones when they first start out. Just download one of the many (usually free) SIP clients to your device and you’re away.

4. Any device can be a phone

Prefer not to use a smartphone? Don’t worry: use a softphone on your laptop, desktop or tablet instead, most of which are also freely available. Of course, physical handsets can also be used, if that’s your thing.

5. On-network calls are free

If you have multiple users on the same account, calls between their extensions are free, wherever they are in the world. Other calls are inexpensive, generally costing just a few pence per minute no matter how far away the recipient is.

6. It behaves like a regular phone system

If you already have a traditional PBX, you’ll be pleased to know that the VoIP alternative does all of the same things without all the maintenance and installation costs. If you currently have a basic fixed line phone, you’ll be amazed at all the extra things you can do with a fully hosted VoIP phone system.

7. Ultimate freedom

An internet phone service offers total flexibility and puts you in charge of adding or removing features at any time. This means you can try out new features or scale up and down as your business develops – instantly and without penalty.

8. You can use multiple numbers

Want an 0800, a geographic and a non-geo number? No problem. Assign them all to one extension, or distribute them over multiple extensions. You can switch number assignment on the fly, or have one number call all your extensions. The system is completely flexible.

9. Calls can be recorded

Many industries face compliance constraints, and if you work in finance or healthcare, you might have to keep a record of your calls. Record them digitally and archive them for future reference.

10. The sky’s the limit

The Nimvelo API is a way to build call functionality and data into other applications. Give your developers the freedom to integrate your telephony with other systems and develop new solutions for your team.

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